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France has always been a staple favourite amongst overseas property purchasers. Pretty villages, award-winning beaches and chateaux continue to draw homebuyers to France, as do top ski-resorts and culture-crammed cities, not to mention that overriding sense of natural chic and sophistication that foreign visitors always find so enticing.

In fact, over the past five years the number of British registered home owners who have taken up residence in France has risen by a staggering 50%. Meanwhile, five times this amount of properties have been purchased as holiday homes by the British, reflecting an undying interest in France property as a sought after property location.

France’s proximity to the UK and the rest of Europe is a major factor influencing the success of the property market, allowing homebuyers to visit regularly and cost-effectively, while taking advantage of the slower pace of life, lower crime rates and the continental culture. These have been main ingredients to France’s recipe for success in the eyes of many buyers. With France property prices lower than in many other countries, an extremely strong rental market and certain tax advantages, French property purchase continues to be a highly popular option amongst many worldwide investors.

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An Online French Real Estate Showroom - Showcasing some of the best French property deals!

Our online property showroom includes property in France through a wide choice of searchable French property opportunities. These range from luxury villas, apartments, townhouses and penthouses to plots of land for you to choose from. There are many property investment opportunities available in France, including off-plan developments.

French Property Market Overview

France will continue to be a highly popular destination for the British and other Europeans by virtue of its location and an expanding economic climate which favours property investment blended with a superior quality of life. With an abundance of flights and ferry crossings to France from the UK, it is not surprising that today there is an estimated half a million British people owning property in France. These homebuyers enjoy the privilege of owning an idyllic European property, meanwhile receiving healthy profits from their investment.

Statistics from The Economist reveal that the France property market grew by 87% between 1997 and 2005 reflecting a natural positive trend to the French real estate arena which is likely to continue.

Unlike in the UK, the vast majority of French citizens rent their homes for average fixed terms of three years, in preference to purchasing property. Typically, over the years rural restoration properties have been popular amongst overseas investors as the French dream. However, more recently about one third of sales have been off-plan due largely to the government’s highly thought of leaseback schemes which offer long term fixed rentals and a refund of VAT on the purchase price (19.6%), representing a great incentive to property investors today.

French Property Investment

There is a strong appeal amongst property purchasers for French investment properties and France’s proximity to the UK allows buyers to enjoy their properties as well as cashing in eventual investment returns, while not having to travel as far as to other popular emerging markets.

Constant and sustainable growth in the region of 10% per annum and strong rental yields of around 7% gross make France a stable arena for those looking for a profitable investment within a market that has a buoyant sales market and a constant demand for residential and tourist rentals. Despite growth being slower than in other emerging markets, investors choose France as a far lower risk for more cautious investment. French property has historically increased in value and generated a sustainable rental income. In addition, the absence of political instability or potential economic volatility makes France an ever attractive option.

New-build and off-plan investment is now accounting for around one third of sales to the British.
Meanwhile, demand is high from the French local population for rentals. Investors can take advantage of a booming tourist and residential rental market in key locations or buy and resell to investors or holiday homebuyers. Meanwhile there is also a strong demand for property from those foreign purchasers looking to permanently relocate or to simply invest abroad.

"Pure investment" strategies are viable options in many areas, enabling off-plan purchase in France at the best possible prices. Investors purchasing as early as possible with a minimum "money-down" payment, then selling prior to completion are gaining substantial profits.

Reasons why property in France is a good investment

  • Strong, stable property market
  • Favourable investment environment with attractive tax breaks
  • Within a short distance of the main countries of Europe
  • Ever increasing inward and overseas investment
  • Varied climate, ideal for your chosen activity
  • Long term residential property price growth of circa 10% p.a.
  • Net rental yields in the region of 7% - 10%
  • Capital gains tax on property now halved to 16% to encourage foreign investment
  • Strong tourist market as France is one of the World’s most visited country
  • Excellent, modern transportation infrastructure and links with mainland Europe
International mortgage providers actively lend on properties in France, making it easy to raise finance for a French purchase

Homebuyers in France

France has long been a favourite amongst British and Irish homebuyers who seek a very different culture within just a 20-mile Channel-hop away from home shores. Today some half a million British people own property in France and these buyers often enjoy using their properties during unoccupied periods as well as cashing in on stable capital returns when they finally sell up.

France is not only a highly popular holiday destination, but ever increasing numbers of British citizens are moving to France to retire or simply relocate and enjoy a slower pace of life. France is the third most popular retirement destination for British expatriates and figures from Alliance & Leicester indicate that some 21,000 British retirees are currently residing in France.

France Property Hotspots

France is a hugely popular property destination for overseas purchasers and over the years has undergone development in almost all feasible locations, namely those with a new improved transport infrastructure and nearby local amenities and specific attractions.

Today, mini property booms are emerging along the Atlantic coast, Montpellier and Nice. Proximity to cities, the coastline or new airports, such as the one at Rodez near Toulouse, always open up the property market to foreign purchasers, increasing tourist appeal and having a positive effect on property prices in the area.

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