Natural Factors - France

There are several natural features that make France a stunning tourist or relocation destination. Below are some of the factors to be taken into account when considering the investment potential of France.

Natural beauty

France is a vast country, two and a half times the size of the UK and with a population of about the same as the UK, there is no shortage of open spaces and unadulterated countryside. Enormous stretches of coastline bordering the Atlantic, Mediterranean and English Channel offer varied coastal beauty, from rocky coves to cliff faces or large stretches of golden sands. Dramatic mountain ranges give way to hilltop villages and vast plains all making for a great abundance of natural beauty and experiences all within one country. These features make France an ideal holiday location and, for many, a highly desirable country in which to live.

Site Seeing

It is easy to see why France is the World’s most visited country. It abounds with fantastic cities that are brimming with cultural activity, including art exhibitions, music, dance, theatre and historical monuments, ideal for cultural tourism. Alternatively there are many opportunities to enjoy the French countryside, from magnificent chateaux, to vineyards or numerous pretty rural towns and villages. Sporting activities such as hiking, world class skiing and water sports can also be enjoyed, giving France an all round appeal to satisfy just about anyone who visits.


France is famous for its chic sense of style in many aspects of living from its exquisite cuisine, to the fashion industry and its ornate art and architecture. The French lifestyle continues to draw foreigners to its soil. Famed for its civilized and relaxed pace of life, France holds a strong attraction for those simply visiting or even seeking to relocate to France while remaining only a relatively short distance from “back home”.


France’s climate tends to be milder than in the UK, while on the French Riviera in the south, summer temperatures are at their hottest, soaring to around 32°C. Meanwhile in Eastern France and inland, you will experience greater variations in temperature with cold winters and warm to hot summers. This makes for a pleasant climate in which to purchase your property.


Close proximity to the UK and rest of mainland Europe makes France an ideal location in which to buy your property. You can fly via many budget airlines to almost any major city in France from the UK. Cross Channel ferries or the Channel Tunnel all allow fast and easy access to France with your car, while an efficient road system allows stress free onward travel to any destination. This ease of access further fuels the tourist industry as a whole and maintains the value of your property investment.

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