Accessibility 'the key for Picardy buyers'
By Steve Binge

Accessibility 'the key for Picardy buyers'

Britons are attracted to the Picardy region of northern France due to its easy accessibility from the UK, it has been stated.

Marketing and PR manager for the Picardy tourist board Claude Chaboud noted that there is air access from places like Glasgow as well as train and sea services.

He remarked: "From London there is the Eurostar and the ferries, so it is very, very accessible."

Mr Chaboud also commented that the area appeals to many thanks to its rural atmosphere and the historic interest of the WWI Western Front battlefields in the region.

Those keen on buying French property may be attracted both by the tourism appeal and the ease with which they could travel between Britain and France.

Other areas recently mentioned as being strong for British tourism are the French ski resorts.

Director of the tourist office for the French government Jean-Pierre Courteau recently stated: "We have 400,000 British skiers in France and they are still the main group in the French Alps and the Pyrenees."

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