Brittany 'offering good tourism prospects'
By James Roberts

Brittany 'offering good tourism prospects'

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Brittany will be offering a good summer season for British visitors, the region's tourist board has said.

Director of the Brittany Tourist Board Michael Dodds commented that the recession is a factor that is likely to make UK travellers choose to cross the channel for their summer break.

He remarked: "At the moment, with the economic downturn, people are looking for a good safe bet family friendly holidays. Brittany is looking forward to a good season."

Such factors may prompt those seeking to buy property to rent to tourists to consider investing in the region.

Mr Dodds stated that Britons tend to have favourite areas such as the historic town of Dinan and the ferry port of Saint-Malo.

He also noted that some Britons are moving inland and acting as a "driving force" for tourism in these areas.

British resident in the region Tracy Harris said that "life is simpler, safer and calmer" in Brittany than in England, the Daily Mail reported this week.

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