Burgundy 'has varied attractions'
By Peter Mindenhall

Burgundy 'has varied attractions'

The cities of France's Burgundy region have been recommended as major tourist attractions.

Speaking about the area, which is famous for its wines, Burgundy press officer at Maison de la France Veronique Beigenger commented: "We have two places in Burgundy which are world famous - the Abbey of Fontenay and the Church of Vezelay which are classified by Unesco [as] World Heritage."

As well as these attracting many tourists, the castles, rivers and canals of Burgundy are also significant features, she noted, stating that tourist chiefs like to emphasise family holidays.

Such elements may attract those wishing to invest in tourist rental property in the region, as well as the vineyards with which the name Burgundy is associated.

According to The One and Many Faces of Burgundy - which was published last month by the region's tourism authority - there are over 1,000 holiday homes there owned by Britons.

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