Burgundy tipped for French stability
By Danny Bance

Burgundy tipped for French stability

Burgundy is a region of France that is enjoying more stability than elsewhere in property prices, it has been stated.

Period home renovation firm Arena Park France said that the Cote d'Or wine growing region is remaining very solid, with its focus on continuing its wine-growing traditions rather than urban development ensuring that the supply of homes remains finite.

The company commented: "Like its wine the Cote d'Or's housing market is about quality rather than quantity and as such is offering some serious French resistance to the economic downturn."

It also noted that homes in the area are often attractive old stone buildings- which the firm specialises in restoring.

This combination of style, rural culture and a stable market may appeal to many property investors.

Buyers may also be encouraged by recent increases in the value of sterling against the euro, with the pound have risen above EUR1.17 in value last week.

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