Corsica 'has more than one tourist market'
By James Roberts

Corsica 'has more than one tourist market'

In news that may interest those thinking of investing in French property, it has been stated that Corsica has more than one tourist market.

Lucy White, editor of the Rough Guide to Corsica, explained this misconception, stating: "Corsica is generally thought of as an expensive, luxurious getaway - especially in the south around Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio."

However, she noted, it is also an activity holiday hotspot, with the GR20 hike around the island and a variety of outdoor activities also attracting visitors.

Such variety may mean those buying property for tourist rental purposes need to look closely at what markets they are looking to serve in terms of the attractions and facilities that are nearby.

One element of Corsica's tourist appeal is its many festivals, according to

It notes that this includes the Estivoce festival, which features traditional singing and concert music.

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