France 'the safest place to invest'
By Steve Binge

France 'the safest place to invest'

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Those looking to invest in property at present should look to France, an expert on property in the country has said.

Alex Charles, the co-founder of the property website "If the UK sinks into a recession then investors will look to France for a safe investment; it is low risk because of the legal framework."

Mr Charles went on to say that the Languedoc region itself has historically tended to outperform the rest of France, although many property buyers are responding to economic circumstances by making lower offers.

Languedoc was recently highlighted by Sextant Properties as a location likely to be favoured by British buyers this autumn.

It noted that the region has many attractive aspects, such as old stone properties, fine and varied scenery and high quality cuisine.

Languedoc is located between the French Riviera and the Pyrenees mountain range.

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