France 'still considered a safe haven'
By James Roberts

France 'still considered a safe haven'

Property investors still view the French real estate market as a safe haven, it has been claimed.

Danny Silver, managing director of The Villages Group and an expert in French property, stated Brits nearing retirement age appear to be particularly drawn to the prospect of owning a home in France and enjoying their later years in the country.

"Over the years, French property has enjoyed practically constant success, and with the euro plummeting to new lows against the pound and the lowest debt in Europe, it's no wonder that real estate investors still view the nation as a wise property move," he asserted.

Mr Silver highlighted developments such as retirement villages as popular options for those in their golden years, but stressed it is important any prospective buyers do their research and enquire about factors such as long-term maintenance charges and what facilities are available.

Last month a survey conducted by MGM Advantage, a retirement income specialist, revealed France is the second most popular overseas destination among British pensioners, with Spain the only location that is a more desirable place for retirees to move to.
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