French property sees a rise in buyer interest
By Steve Binge

French property sees a rise in buyer interest

France is likely to remain a favoured destination for UK-based property investors, with tourism and cheap flights the main draw for many.

This is the view of Christopher Chadd, head of research at Property Frontiers, who is confident that the recent fall in prices in the country will ensure that individuals continue to purchase real estate.

Mr Chadd was speaking in the wake of a report, produced by, which placed France at the top of the list for the most searched for foreign destinations in April.

The European country saw an increase in search numbers of 158 per cent year-on-year.

The news could lead to a rise in the number of Rhone-Alpes property searches, with the well served by two international airports.

"France will always command the attention of British investors and those looking to purchase their first second home abroad," he added.

"It is the tourism capital of the world and routes into the country are becoming cheaper and easier so it will always remain a top draw."

According to a recent survey conducted by and Savills, there will be a resurgence in wealthy lifestyle buyers purchasing property with cash this year.

The news is likely to benefit established markets such as France as many investors shy away from more risky markets in light of the economic climate.

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