Is Var a hidden gem for French property investment?
By Danny Bance

Is Var a hidden gem for French property investment?

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Var could be the ideal destination for anyone who is planning to purchase a property in France.

Alex Viale relocated to the region from Somerset, England and now runs a beach club called La Pinede close to Toulon, Homes & Property reports.

He believes it is a particularly desirable area because it is not overly crowded and has pleasant weather throughout much of the year.

Mr Viale said this is particularly true between May and September, when the climate is good and there are only a small number of visitors.
"It's a beautiful coast, well protected with no high rise and very regional," he commented.

Mr Viale added that the area is "between the glitz of Cannes and urban Marseilles" and fairly unknown.

As a result, Var could be ideal for lifestyle buyers who are looking to purchase a holiday home in France.

Trevor Leggett of Leggett Immobilier has previously pointed out France has been highly rated in many quality of life surveys.

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