Pyrenees destination hailed by celebrity chef
By Peter Mindenhall

Pyrenees destination hailed by celebrity chef

A celebrity chef has praised Aveyron in the midi-Pyrenees in an article in which a number of French experts were asked about the best places to travel to in France.

Speaking to the Observer, Cyril Lignac compared the region to some of the "most beautiful parts" of Britain's countryside, something that may interest overseas property investors.

He was born in Aveyron and called it a "hidden gem", with a number of beautiful lakes for watersports and bathing, cafes to sit in and relax and "lots of beautiful little medieval villages".

"Cuisine is part of the culture there because you have everything you need for cooking," he explained. "It's a farming region - very green."

In the same article, travel editor Jean-Pierre Chanial chose La Lozere in southern France as his top destination because of its natural beauty, rich bird life and attractive towns.

Located to the south-west of the Massif Central mountain range, Aveyron covers a range of landscapes, including its limestone plateaux - known as the Causses - which have unique flower species and river gorges.

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