Specialist tips French property success
By Danny Bance

Specialist tips French property success

It is still possible to be successful in French property investment, a specialist in the legal aspect of such transactions has said.

Sarah Bogard of law firm Furley Page commented that the emergence of a buyers' market and a fall in prices could help buyers.

She stated: "The right property and the right purchase structure could see you hold onto a property ripe for capital growth into your future - and that of your family."

Ms Bogard added that there are a number of measures that can be undertaken to help counteract the weakness of sterling against the euro.

One of these would be to buy from a British seller using pounds, she suggested.

Earlier this week, the Cote d'Or area in Burgundy's wine-growing region was highlighted by stone home renovation firm Arena Park France as a place with stable prices.

Representative of the firm Su Bishop said it was a part of France suited to the "discerning" investor.

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