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Research And Information

Research And Information

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Investment in Germany

Germany is one of the World's Leading Safe-Havens

Germany is one of the largest economies in the world, and has enjoyed strong stable growth for decades, with minor blips here and there. One such blip was the recession at the hands of the international crisis causing a 5% contraction in GDP, but more importantly Germany bounced back quickly and seemingly stronger than ever with 4.7% growth in 2010 beating the years running up to the recession by a considerable margin. The growth of 3% in 2011 was equally impressive although growth has slowed now.

But arguably more important is the fact that, despite its economic size, property in Germany is among the cheapest in Europe, although prices have grown considerably in the last 3 years.

Why Invest in Germany?

Property investors are taking advantage of low prices and strong fundamentals to make very rewarding investments in German property.

German Property Investment Plus Points

  • Low Prices
  • Strong rental market
  • Strong stable economy
  • Stable democracy
  • Strong price and rent growth
  • Low/No prospect of a bubble
  • Summary

    With such high levels of investment and development taking place across many sectors the German property market is promising investors a brighter future than ever before. Intelligent investors are making the most of the convergence of factors at present, which is fuelling unprecedented growth in prices and rents.

    The German property market has always presented a good buy to let investment opportunity, but now the strong economic growth is fuelling wage growth, which has allowed the government to slacken restrictions and rents to grow, which has fuelled price growth. Meanwhile prices are low, and the fact that the government controls rents means there is very little chance that the growth will turn into a bubble.

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