Why Invest In Germany?

Find out below why Germany is currently offering such a strong investment option for international real estate buyers.

Why Invest In Germany?

Find out below why Germany is currently offering such a strong investment option for international real estate buyers.

Germany is one of the top 5 economies in the world in terms of GDP and its strong stable economic growth combined with a high prevalence of renting in the population has long presented a buy to let investment opportunity. But recently as the rest of Europe and much of the world have crumbled, Germany's resilience to the crash and strong rebound from recession have made it a safe haven and one of the best buy to let investment opportunities in the world.

Advantages of German Property Investment

  • Low property prices: even though prices have grown considerably since 2009, prices are still comparatively low compared to other developed markets.
  • Strong rental demand: up to 60% of the population of some cities in Germany rent their home
  • Solid economic growth: Germany rebounded strongly from the crash with growth of 4.7% in 2010 and 3% in 2011
  • A democratic constitutional government with an excellent infrastructure, including good hospitals and international schools
  • Developed infrastructure including speedy and efficient access to all Europe.
  • A developed scientific and technological infrastructure.
  • As a general rule, 100% overseas ownership is recognized in most sectors and there is no discrimination against foreign companies compared to local companies.
  • European Union Membership: Germany has benefited strongly from inclusion in the European Union, which as helped it become more competitive against not only other industrialized countries, but also all other members of the Eurozone.
  • Strong Workforce: Germany's workforce is both highly educated and highly driven, as evidenced by higher education percentages and strike days per 1,000 inhabitants. And the country's unified tax code and business-friendly policies are also favourable. The workforce also has a good command of the English language in general.


Buy to let investment is by far the most popular choice for German property investors. Prices are low and demand for rental property is exceptionally high due to the prevalence of renting in the population and relatively low levels of new construction, particularly in Berlin.

Our Germany Investment Research section allows you to investigate further into investment property in Germany and the location as a whole.

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