Spandau in Berlin West
By Maria Thermann

Spandau in Berlin West

Berlin is divided into 12 districts, each as distinct and memorable as a separate town. The historic and utterly charming district of Spandau lies in the west of Berlin, an up-and-coming destination for investment in both the commercial and residential property sectors. Spandau has excellent public transport links to the city centre, and is also connected to other major cities like Hamburg via ICE fast trains.

Spandau has a cosmopolitan feel, since many different nationalities have already made their home here, including British expats. This is one of the most pleasant districts of Berlin to live in, which is reflected in the price rises for residential property the district has seen in the first quarter of 2018 alone. The average price per square metre stood at 2,750 euros at the end of March 2018. However, it is still possible to find apartments with one or two bedrooms for 100,000 euros or less. They may need a little cosmetic updating, but will prove to be a sound investment in the medium to long-term - Berlin is one of Europe's hottest property markets right now.

The Havel River traverses Spandau, and the most expensive properties lie along this river. Here one can cycle or simply stroll along for a walk, or go boating. An area known as Klein Venedig (Little Venice) offers picturesque riverbank walks. In Kolkviertel lies the historic heart of Spandau. This is a sought-after residential area with beautiful old buildings and cobbled streets.

For centuries, Spandau Castle has protected residents from harm. Mentioned as early as 1237, the castle is the district's main tourist attraction. The other big attraction is Gutspark Gross Glienicke, the ancestral estate of medieval knights whose family members lie buried in what is now a public park of outstanding beauty. At the heart of the park lies Gross Glienicke Lake, a reminder of darker days, for the border between West and East Germany ran through the centre before German reunification in 1989. A section of the Berlin Wall can still be seen on the estate.

The modern part of Spandau comprises of leafy streets lined by 1950s and 1960s apartment blocks that are gradually being renovated to modern residential and commercial requirements. Expect to pay between 105,000 and 130,000 euros for a 1-bedroom apartment here. Commercial units in multiple-use buildings start from around 65,000 euros for units with ca. 60 square metres.

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