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Property purchasers are attracted by the lack of mass property development in Italy, while smaller developments, existing re-sales and rural renovations form the bulk of the Italian property market. Italy is fast becoming an alternative to Spain, France or Portugal and as a result, the Italian property market is entering a growth period.

Sandy beaches, Alpine landscapes, lakes, lush vegetation and a generally Mediterranean climate are added attractions, maintaining Italy’s firm position on the discerning tourist’s map. Furthermore, many budget airlines connect to Italy’s fifteen airports, opening up new property markets to investors and maximising buy-to-let options in key locations.

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Italian Property Market Overview

As an EU member, Italian property is an easy investment option for fellow EU members, who are reassured by the stability of their property purchase. The Italian property market is highly popular amongst British buyers because property in Italy often offers better value for money than comparable options in France or Spain.

Over the past ten years, property values in Italy have risen steadily in much-loved areas such as Tuscany, where capital growth has been around 10%. Meanwhile, in the southern Italy, near Reggio di Calabria, lesser known secrets are beginning to emerge as highly profitable alternative options where high annual growth figures are attracting many a shrewd property investor.

Prices for property in Italy can vary from £30,000 / 58,000 for a small property in need of extensive development to £35,000 / 150,000 for an apartment, and £50,000 / 250,000 for a rural home.

Holiday homes and buy-to-let investments remain hot property options in Italy, while the demand for property in the major resorts of Italy has sent property prices through the roof in some areas. Meanwhile, many property purchasers today seek more rural, scenic and better priced properties. Chosen in suitable locations with easy access and amenities, these properties are gaining increasing popularity and are set to achieve equally high returns on investment in the very near future.

Italian Property Investment

The days of bargain property in Italy are not over. There is a growing trend amongst property purchasers in Italy to seek out beautiful rural properties in quiet locations. With the dramatic increase of budget airline connections to many areas of Italy, previously lesser known regions are now becoming increasingly popular amongst investors as prime Italian property locations.

Generally, prices are lower the further south you go. The south is a relatively undiscovered area, offering stunning, rugged beauty and many recreational activities. However those who invest in the northern lake areas, the Alps and the Dolomites take advantage of both summer sun and the winter ski season, where an apartment can yield year-round rental incomes of £400 per week. Wherever you decide to purchase your property in Italy, it is important to plan your investment strategy carefully, bearing in mind the purpose of your investment and weighing up price against potential yields.

Buy-to-let options are highly popular in Italy due to the tourist trade, both in rural and tourist hotspots. Cities such as Milan, Turin, Venice and Florence are also a hot tip for buy-to-let investment as cultural centres also enjoy a year-round tourist trade.

Reasons Why Property in Italy is a Good Investment

  • No capital gains tax on profits from Italian property, creating maximum returns on investment.
  • Possibility to cut purchase costs in half by becoming a resident.
  • Prices remain relatively low, compared to many EU destinations.
  • Capital growth of 20% per year in some locations. Many new markets in Italy still remain undiscovered and ripe for investment.
  • Possibility to renovate beautiful old Italian houses into fabulous residences that earn high rent in peak season.
  • Italy is at the hub of the low cost flights revolution, forever enhancing its strong tourist industry.
  • The Italian government offers investors grants to reform rural.
  • Italy has pioneered property tax reforms, offering great opportunities for the rural renovator, including substantial VAT discounts.
  • EU member country.
  • Economic and political security.
  • Only 2 ¼ hours direct flying time from UK.
  • Abundance of culture, history and magnificent architecture.
  • Stunning variation in natural beauty, from lakes, mountains and lush vegetation to rugged or sandy beaches.
  • Warm Mediterranean climate.
  • Recreational activities to cater for all needs, from skiing, hiking or beach holidays to sightseeing and cultural activities.
  • Dream lifestyle, modern systems and friendly people make Italy an easy relocation destination

Homebuyers in Italy

Residential property has seen much investment growth outside major cities like Rome. Attracted by the relaxing lifestyle and beautiful surroundings, EU purchasers have bought up villas in rural areas of Italy as second homes or rural retreats.

Apartments are one of the most popular types of residential property today, due to lack of space in the cities and a continual and growing demand for accommodation. Apartments also offer a second and more affordable home or easy buy-to-let investment.

Holiday homes in prime tourist locations are selling at a fast rate. Many foreigners now seek the more exclusive rural properties for their investment or holiday locations and this is forging a new path in property investment trends today. These properties often pay for themselves in rental income during peak season, allowing home owners to enjoy them during the rest of the year.

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