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Italy Property: Buy Me a Condotel in Calabria

Calabria is a hot market right now, in terms of international property investment. It offers the chance to buy into the established market of Italy at emerging market prices...   
28 June 2011

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International property experts have announced their latest select investment development in Italy. has again managed to source the very best property investment opportunity on the market, with its new development on the beautiful east coast of Calabria on the southern tip of Italy.   
12 May 2008

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Tourism Boosts Italian Rental Market

Italy’s position as a world leading tourism destination seems unlikely to dwindle as domestic figures continue to rise. Italians show a strong passion for their homeland, being the main visitors to the paradisiacal southern regions and creating an increased demand for rental property in these areas.   
05 February 2008

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Announcing Italy's Best Kept Secret

Italy's appeal to real estate connoisseurs seeking a classy product has always been strong over the years. Rocketing property prices in such favoured locations as Tuscany, the Lakes and some of Italy’s stylish cities have been reserved for buyers with large wallets and a thirst for the cachet of all things distinctly Italian.   
18 July 2007

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Buying in Italy

Often dubbed the connoisseur’s alternative to Spain or France, Italy’s style and sheer diversity offer property purchasers on all budgets some exciting investment opportunities.   
18 July 2007

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