Italy - Natural Factors

There are many natural and cultural factors that make Italy such a desirable location and it is easy to see why Italy continues to be so successful for investors and tourists alike.

  • Sometimes referred to as the connoisseur’s alternative to Spain or France, Italy boasts an abundance of culture, history and magnificent architecture. It has a strong cultural tourism market and tourists flock to the cities of Rome, Florence and Venice seeking a rich Italian cultural experience.
  • Italy offers a stunning variation in natural beauty. Tuscany and the lakes in the north are a firm favourite amongst investors with the funds to afford the high prices. Ski resorts such as Cortina offer similar top end investment opportunities. These contrast with rugged or sandy beaches on coastal areas including Sicily which are proving to be good opportunities for smaller bank balances.
  • The warm Mediterranean climate attracts sun seeking tourists year-round. During summer all parts of Italy can experience very high temperatures, while the sirocco wind blows in from North Africa, acquiring humidity over the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile in the Italian Alps, winter weather allows for snow in the ski resorts.
  • Italy offers a well developed tourist industry and recreational activities are available to cater for all needs, from skiing, hiking or beach holidays to sightseeing and cultural activities.
  • For many, Italy offers the dream lifestyle. It is a modern EU country with efficient systems and friendly people, making Italy an easy relocation destination.

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