Tourism 'boosting Calabria's investment potential'
By Danny Bance

Tourism 'boosting Calabria's investment potential'

Previously overlooked areas of Italy are becoming more appealing to overseas investors as a result of the growth of tourism, according to experts.

RealPoint Italy said that since areas such as Calabria had recently become popular with holidaymakers, they also offered viable investment opportunities.

The firm stated that options such as holiday homes and restoring existing properties represented "good potential investments" in Italy.

Eddy Crompton, director of RealPoint Italy, commented: "In the last year we have really seen a change in Italy."

He added that now that tourism was taking hold, "certain pockets" were now becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers and investors.

Mr Crompton also highlighted other natural attractions of the area, such as its proximity to the coast and its "great" climate for 12 months of the year.

Earlier this week, a poll by Saga found that Italy was the most popular popular European holiday destination among British tourists.
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