Investors 'choosing to spend large sums on Italian property'
By Peter Mindenhall

Investors 'choosing to spend large sums on Italian property'

A growing number of investors are choosing to spend more than €1 million euros on Italian property, according to an expert.

Linda Travella, broadcaster and founder of Casa Travella, said that affluent investors were shunning the emerging markets of eastern Europe in favour of countries such as Italy.

She stated that this was because Italy had an advanced infrastructure, meaning that people staying in the country would have access to resources they would expect to have at home.

In addition, she said that Italy also had many cultural attractions and leisure facilities that were appreciated by more affluent investors, such as restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Ms Travella remarked: "They are seeking the good things in life and Italy has that in abundance."

The country's climate was described as another major attraction, along with its heritage sites, beaches and friendly locals.

This follows research by Saga which found that Italy was the most popular holiday destination in Europe among Britons.

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