Berlusconi attacks Italian property tax
By Peter Mindenhall

Berlusconi attacks Italian property tax

Silvio Berlusconi has pledged to repeal the unpopular tax on property in Italy if he returns to power.

The former prime minister, who has largely avoided the media spotlight since he was forced to resign in November last year, made his comments during an interview with the il Giornale newspaper.

He claimed the levy on the owner of every house in Italy, which was reinstated by new prime minister Mario Monti, should be scrapped in the same way his administration abolished a previous property tax in 2008.

"The home is a pillar on which every family has the right to base its security for the future," Berlusconi said in comments reported by Reuters.

He also suggested he is yet to decide whether he will stand for re-election as the head People of Freedom of his next year.

Known in Italy as IMU, the property tax forms a key part of Mr Monti's austerity plan and is expected to generate more than €10 million (£8 million) for the government this year.
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