By Danny Bance

"Buyers' market" for Italian property

The strength of sterling and reduced property prices in Italy have combined to create favourable conditions for Brits buying real estate in the country.

This is the assertion of Linda Travella, head of local estate agency Casa Travella, who highlighted Tuscany as a particularly attractive region for investors to consider.

"A vast selection of properties and a strong pound means it is a buyers' market. The Tuscan real estate market has always been international and there is still interest from around the world," she stated.

Ms Travella added her firm has experienced an increase in the number of people searching for Italian property online over the past year.

Real estate investor and founder of Your Property Club Brett Alegre-Wood recently advised any potential buyers not to agree to a purchase until they have viewed the house in question.

He said it is very easy to get caught up in the emotion of a deal - particularly at property fairs - and urged investors to book a plane ticket and visit the area before making a final decision about buying a home there.

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