Foreign Investment 'Supporting Airline Industry'
By Danny Bance

Foreign Investment 'Supporting Airline Industry'

Growing levels of overseas property investment is helping to boost the airline sector, according to an industry group.

The Civil Aviation Authority stated that those who owned a foreign property tended to fly abroad more frequently than people who went overseas for a holiday.

Director of economic regulation Harry Bush said the additional number of flights undertaken by investors was more than the half the amount taken by regular leisure travellers.

He added that other demographic factors, such as people's marital status and overall wealth, also affected how often people travelled abroad.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mr Bush said: "These factors - longer term - support air travel."

This means that the aviation sector will be likely to welcome predictions from experts such as the National Association of Estate Agents on the future of property investment abroad.

According to the organisation, confidence among British investors is still high despite global economic problems such as the credit crunch.

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