Holiday home owners 'take multiple holidays'
By Steve Binge

Holiday home owners 'take multiple holidays'

Second home owners tend to take relatively short breaks overseas, according to a new study.

Research by Foreign Currency Direct found that on average, people with a holiday home visit their property five times a year instead of taking a single two-week break.

Figures also showed that nearly one in ten stay in their alternative residence about once a month, reports Travel Weekly.

Commenting on the findings, chief executive Peter Ellis said this could help account for the dropping popularity of traditional package holidays.

He observed: "We're increasingly money-rich, time-poor, so there has been significant growth in demand for short breaks rather than 7/14 holidays."

The study also found that one in five holiday home owners let friends and relatives use their property without charge, while a similar proportion rent their houses out for a fee.

Meanwhile, has revealed that most of the rental properties listed on its website are in established European markets such as Italy.


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