Italian properties 'available at discount prices'
By Peter Mindenhall

Italian properties 'available at discount prices'

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Those looking for a winter holiday home could find many bargains in Italy if they look in the right place, it has been noted.

In a feature on where to find cheaper properties, the Times notes that the country has prospects outside of its traditional tourist areas that might be of interest to buyers, with prices up to 20 per cent down on their 2007 peak.

Barbara Wood, director of The Property Finders estate agency, told the paper: "You won't get an estate in Tuscany for less than £250,000, but you could find a nice flat in Bergamo, northern Italy, easily accessible on Ryanair."

The news provider added that there are ways of getting an affordable home in Tuscany, noting that one property on the market is a one-bedroom flat in Roccalbegna with views of the island of Giglio and access to a swimming pool.

Italian property buyers may find now a good time to invest in the hope that prices rise soon as the country's economy recovers.

Official European Union economic statistics released last week showed that the country came out of recession in the third quarter.

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