Italy attracts Austrian visitors
By Peter Mindenhall

Italy attracts Austrian visitors

Holidaymakers from Austria are increasingly choosing to visit Italy, according to new research.

A study by IFT found that the European country attracted 14 per cent of Austrian leisure travellers in 2007, Weiner Zeitung reports.

This made it the most popular tourist destination in the world among this consumer base, ahead of rival markets such as Spain and Turkey.

However, Austrians were also found to be highly keen on visiting less established locations in Europe, particularly in the east of the continent.

This reflects the recent findings of research by Holiday-Rentals, which showed that overseas property buyers from the UK are still mainly opting to buy second homes in traditional European destinations.

Despite this, emerging markets in eastern Europe were said to have attracted an increased level of interest in the last few years.

The continent looks set to be equally popular with Austrian holidaymakers this year as well, as 63 per cent of tourists said they would go on a European vacation in 2008.
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