Italy 'attracts nostalgic tourists'
By Peter Mindenhall

Italy 'attracts nostalgic tourists'

Holidaymakers who want to relive their youth are increasingly choosing to go to Italy, new research has found.

According to, the country is one of the most popular locations among tourists who want to visit a place associated with fond memories, TravelMole reports.

Rome and Florence were both highlighted as places that were attracting nostalgic Britons, such as those who were returning to the scene of their honeymoon.

Others were said to be going back because they had enjoyed a memorable holiday there during their childhood, while others had enjoyed a gap year in the country.

Commenting on the findings, Expedia managing director Caroline Cartellieri stated that the nostalgia factor was one of the reasons Italy had remained a popular holiday destination over the years.

She said: "Nostalgia has become a big driver in destination choice."

This comes after Property Week reported that Italy was also a popular choice with overseas property buyers.

Citing research by Knight Frank, it said that Rome and Milan were widely seen as good investment options.

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