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By Danny Bance

Italy 'popular for overseas weddings'

Italy is one of the most popular countries for Britons looking to marry abroad, it has been stated.

Director of overseas weddings firm Marry Abroad Charlotte Hand said the atmosphere and scenery of the country made it a venue many people enquired about via the company's website.

She stated: "Italy is one of the most visited countries in terms of hits on our site - it is a fantastically romantic country and real backdrop to any wedding."

Such considerations may be of interest to those investing in rental property in the country, as this could be let out to honeymooning couples or guests visiting Italy to attend the event.

Ms Hand also identified the Caribbean, Spain and Thailand as places where many people like to wed overseas.

A study by market research firm Mintel revealed in November last year that 16 per cent of British marriage ceremonies take place overseas.

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