Overseas travellers advised to learn language
By Peter Mindenhall

Overseas travellers advised to learn language

People who are planning to spend time overseas have been advised to consider the language of their destination.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), knowing the native tongue can enhance a person's cultural understanding.

The organisation added that since people now live in a globalised world, speaking in a different language can be a very positive step to take.

Angela Baron, an advisor at the CIPD, commented: "I would always say that having languages is a useful skill and if you've got the opportunity to learn a language then don't let it slip by."

She added that if people want to live and work in another country, speaking the language of their host country can help them progress in their career.

This comes after Age Concern stated that older people who are planning to retire abroad may be required to use the native tongue if they were living in a non-English speaking nation.

The charity stated that language could play a "major role" in certain circumstances, such as if they needed to consult with local professionals.

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