Pisa offers 'diverse attractions'
By Danny Bance

Pisa offers 'diverse attractions'

The Italian town of Pisa could be a good place to visit because it offers a variety of attractions, according to an official in the travel industry.

David Osborne, general manager of easyJet in the UK, stated that the region has far more to offer than just its "legendary" leaning tower and "something for everyone".

He commented: "Pisa is a perfect gateway to the stunning region of Tuscany and the nearby city of Florence."

Mr Osborne was speaking after easyJet began operating direct flights to the area from London Luton Airport.

The flights, which launched this week, look set to attract lots of additional visitors to Tuscany and generate extra interest in the region.

This could enhance the desirability of the region among overseas property investors, particularly if there is a sharp surge in rental demand.

Italy's appeal to foreign property buyers was recently highlighted by NuWire Investor, which said demand for accommodation in popular tourist spots makes it a particularly good investment.

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