Some Italian destinations 'likely to grow in popularity'
By Danny Bance

Some Italian destinations 'likely to grow in popularity'

The Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia are developing into popular locations for overseas buyers looking for property.

Liz Rowlinson, editor of A Place in the Sun magazine, predicted these are two destinations for anyone buying real estate in Italy to keep an eye on.

"Micro-markets, such as Sicily and Sardinia, are slowly establishing themselves to compete with the more well-known Italian regions," she asserted.

Ms Rowlinson added it is important for buyers to constantly think of property fundamentals when looking for an investment and to be "extra careful not to be swept up by silly prices".

Earlier this month, Linda Travella, of Casa Travella, pointed out there are increasingly opportunities for purchasers to pick up a home in Italy at below market value.

She explained sellers in the country have been slow to drop their asking prices, but noted many are now prepared to accept less in order to complete the transaction. The favourable exchange rate between sterling and the euro also makes this a particularly good time for British buyers, Ms Travella concluded.

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