Year-round tourist spots 'have investment potential'
By Danny Bance

Year-round tourist spots 'have investment potential'

Rental investors are getting low vacancy rates in year-round holiday destinations, it has been revealed.

According to Holiday-Rentals, most of its clients with a foreign property are able to rent them out for the whole year.

This is because many of these residences are located in places which do not have a seasonal tourist trade, such as Italy, France and Spain.

Therefore, investing in a country which attracts high volumes of tourists for 12 months of the year could be a lucrative endeavour.

Sarah Chambers, spokesperson for Holiday-Rentals, commented: "60 per cent of our clients own one or two foreign homes.

"They almost always rent them out for the whole year."

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said places with cultural or sporting attractions could have particularly high rental demand.

Meanwhile, research by TripAdvisor has revealed that most British consumers are not letting gloomy economic forecasts affect their holiday plans.

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