Buying or selling overseas property with confidence

A more relaxed, warmer climate? An investment for your future? Whatever your reason for buying a property abroad, Live Overseas can help your dream come true.

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Take a Step Back

Most UK buyers wrongly assume that the overseas property market is regulated - like it is at home – and leave themselves exposed to unacceptable risk.

When buying any overseas property it is important that you fully understand the legal implications, total price and all local procedures.

Get the complete picture

From reviewing contracts to title insurance, our independent legal service will ensure that you are represented fairly in the property transaction and that your investment is legally sound.

Live Overseas can even undertake due diligence on your property developer and give you valuable advice on key questions to ask during your viewing.

We will also help you establish the total cost of your purchase, over and above the price of the property, so that you can be sure your budget is comprehensive and realistic.

Going on an Inspection Trip?

It’s too easy to get swept up in the excitement of the moment and end up signing a contract you might regret when you get home.

But now you can instruct your own independent lawyer beforehand to eliminate any surprises.

Live Overseas can provide unbiased legal advice for you through our panel of highly experienced international property lawyers.

Take some local independent advice

Sourced locally, our recommended lawyers understand the culture, law and , as importantly, the national language. They recognise the difficulties and concerns clients may have when dealing with the unregulated international market place.

Once you have decided where to buy, the lawyer will help you establish the total cost of your purchase, and work directly with you to complete your purchase.

Your Team

Our international network of lawyers has been selected according to  a strict set of criteria for their:

  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Extensive conveyancing experience
  • Excellent client references
  • Competitive rates
  • UK presence

Our commitment

These specialist lawyers work to a Service Level
Agreement to ensure consistent quality for you
across a variety of tasks including:

  • Contract review
  • Title search & due diligence
  • Representation at signings
  • Power of attorney
  • Registration


With a thorough understanding of UK legal principles, your chosen lawyer will keep you fully informed throughout the process and explain the details and responsibilities of the legal agreements involved.

Best foot forward

For sound, unbiased legal advice on your sale or purchase, contact us today using the form below.