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Not a Lot of People Know That...

Did you know that Malaysia is actually made up of two completely different land masses separated by a huge stretch of the south China sea? – as actor Michael Caine would say: ‘not a lot of people know that.’...   
12 September 2008

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Giant Profits in China

News on global markets continues to arrive with a slightly pessimistic tone; therefore, it’s surprising to see that China has reached its highest growth figures in the last 13 years, an incredible 11.4% in real terms in 2007.   
08 February 2008

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Malaysia - The Property Investors' Darling

The British love-affair with Malaysia runs deep. As a former British colony, Malaysia strikes a familiar chord with many a British visitor, while its sumptuous Asian charms seduce more international tourists each year – forecasts this year predict a record number of 20 million visitors to Malaysia, five million up from last year’s figures.   
18 July 2007

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