Malaysia property buyers 'need long-term strategy'
By Peter Mindenhall

Malaysia property buyers 'need long-term strategy'

Buyers of Malaysia property should take a long-term view of their investment and avoid selling for quick profit.

This is according to the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association of Malaysia (REHDA), which has expressed its desire for a sustainable property market, the Malaysian Insider reports.

Speaking ahead of the forthcoming Malaysia Property Exposition 2012, REHDA's past president Datuk Ng Seing Liong said developers do not want flippers - buyers who drive up property prices - to dominate the industry.

"Too much speculation is no good. We want a long-term and sustainable market," he remarked.

The comment was echoed by REHDA treasurer N K Tong, who urged people to "take a long-term view of property investment".

Real estate in Malaysia may be more accessible now to overseas buyers than it was during 2011, as the approval rate for home loans in the country dipped to 46.8 per cent in the first half of 2012, compared to 50.1 per cent during the opening six months of the previous year.

This is despite Sean Saw of the Low Yat Group telling the Star.Biz that domestic demand is strong in the country, with young buyers especially keen to purchase property.
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