Malaysian property market bolstered by new development
By Danny Bance

Malaysian property market bolstered by new development

The property market in Malaysia has received a boost with news that an Australian developer is investing millions of dollars in the country to create an exclusive beach resort, it has been revealed.

Approximately 520 million USD is being pumped into the region of Johor by the Walker Group to create a waterfront residential enclave designed to attract foreign investment to the country.

The development in Senibong Cove will be completed over a decade-long period of time and in numerous stages - the first of which will contain 244 new houses.

When fully completed the development is set to feature in excess of 2,200 homes including bungalows, semi-detached houses and terraced properties.

In addition, an integrated marina and clubhouse will be built to compliment over 8,000 square metres of shopping space and a 3,500-square metre recreation club.

The destination of Johor in Malaysia is also to benefit from the construction of the county's first-ever theme park in an attempt to attract more tourists to the destination.

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