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For Media ProfessionalsNeed fast and accurate information about property and real estate from across the world? Then can help! As an award-winning property portal, we appreciate the need to hit deadlines with authoritative quotes and royalty-free high-resolution images.
International Real Estate Blog In this section we present a round-up of what the international media have been saying about us. We are also regularly approached by different sections of the media for authoritative quotes and opinions about investing in property across the world. Take a look!
International Real Estate BlogHere you can listen to our regular series of podcasts relating to property investment around the globe. In each podcast you’ll hear from one of our team of experts who will give you the latest tips on the “do’s and don’ts” of international real estate
International Real Estate BlogBrowse through and read up to date press releases from relating to the best and most rigorously vetted real estate developments.

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Listen to the first of a regular series of exclusive podcasts! This month, we hear from Operations Manager Gareth Milton, who responds to questions related to IPIN Global and the top 5 rules of investing in property.

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