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Search for Property in MoroccoMoroccan property is taking the real estate investment world by storm. Here you can learn why a Moroccan property investment appeals to investors as well as view the top Moroccan property investment options.

Investment Property in Morocco

Investment Property in Morocco

Moroccan property is taking the real estate investment world by storm. Here you can learn why a Moroccan property investment appeals to investors as well as view the top Moroccan property investment options.

Guide to Property in Morocco

Guide to Property in Morocco

A guide to Morocco aimed at giving investors and other potential buyers background information on the local areas in Morocco. Including information on local customs, food and drink and a host of other useful facts.

Property News in Morocco

Property News in Morocco

Keep up to date with all the latest Morocco property and investment news and articles, provided by and carefully selected sources from around the world.

Investment Research in Morocco

Investment Research in Morocco

Before you invest in a Morocco property it is essential to carry out detailed research to maximise potential returns. Here we provide wealth of information to help you with your research.

Investment Locations

Investment Locations

In addition to investment opportunities in Morocco, we also offer a wide variety of international real estate throughout the world. Here you can choose a location and start your search.

Morocco Property - A sought after new investment market

Morocco property is currently becoming one of the world's leading luxury emerging markets. It is popular for many reasons but one of the major considerations is the excellent price that luxury Morocco property can be purchased for during this era of major development and construction.

High build quality and the relatively low relative cost of Moroccan property makes Moroccan real estate market a very attractive option for investors.

Further factors to be taken into account are coupled with the Morocco's excellent expected capital growth in Morocco and the already solid and ever-increasing "Buy to Let" market.

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Moroccan Property Market Overview

With the reform-minded King Mohammed VI at the head of a multi-billion dollar initiative, Vision 2010, tourist numbers are due to increase dramatically by 2010 (see our Morocco investment research - investment growth). The plans extend to all economic sectors, including the infrastructure, telecommunications, electricity, banks, insurance, education, health services with a view to maintaining them to the world-class standards expected from today´s foreign investors.

The Vision 2010 initiative has ear-marked 6 areas or resorts for major development and these will be the locations of most of the new property developments in the near future. Focus is on five star luxury facilities which are being brought about by an advanced infrastructure outside and within the resorts, and easier access to and from ports and airports to the resorts. This attracts increasing numbers of investors and second home buyers to property in Morocco.

Tourist numbers continue to increase due to the Open Skies initiative, inviting budget package airlines to extend their services to Moroccan airports. Low cost, direct flights are now available from most major ciites in Europe, making Morocco an increasingly popular tourist destination. With the construction of quality new hotels and properties now in full-swing, Morocco is well equipped to handle increased tourist numbers as well as to offer investors some potentially excellent buy-to-let options and high rental occupancies.

Morocco Property Investment

Morocco is believed to be one of the best options available to you for real estate investment today. Property can be purchased in Morocco for a great deal less than in most other destinations and has the added benefit of having an already established and rapidly growing "buy to let" demand. Capital growth is expected to be considerable with estimates of between 15% and 30% being very common.

Reasons why property in Morocco is a good investment

  • Property prices are currently very competitive.
  • With the low cost of living, it is possible to experience a luxury lifestyle at relatively small expense.
  • The property market in Morocco is currently booming and looks set to continue to do so for a considerable time.
  • Capital growth is estimated at around 15% - 30%, based on last year´s figures ( Homes Overseas Magazine quotes the growth to be nearer 30%).
  • Capital gains tax stands at between only 0% and 20%.
  • Inheritance tax is not charged.
  • Property tax is not charged during the first 5 years.
  • Rental occupancy currently reaches around 85% during peak season and it is set to increase as the Vision 2010 tourism drive continues.
  • 70% mortgages are currently available * Vision 2010 to provide additional infrastructure and new roads, marinas, trains, 5 star resorts, shopping malls, beach clubs, thus increasing visitors to the area.
  • The Open Skies policy allows competition for Moroccano air routes. It will
    generate competition, increase services and dramatically lower air fares.
  • Yacht club and mooring fees are under £27/month. These are turning even the most wealthy away from the more traditional ultra expensive Mediterranean resorts.
  • Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water.
  • Stunning golf courses, tennis clubs, riding clubs, waterskiing, sailing, scuba diving, hunting, hiking, camel treks, culture attract all types of tourists and investors alike.
  • The Mediterranean climate bringshot summers and mild winters, permitting
    year-round tourism.
  • French, Spanish and English is widely spoken, as well as traditional Arabic.
  • The Costa de la Luz is just thirty minutes away by hydrofoil from Tangiers.
  • Morocco is easily accessed through Tangiers via helicopter, ferry or on regularflights to Casablanca, Agadir or Tangiers.

We recommend that potential investors take a look at our Investment Property in Morocco - section to see current investment opportunities as well as information that may help you to invest successfully in Moroccan property.

Home/holiday home buyers in Morocco

Morocco offers the chance to purchase luxury property on a stunning 5 star resort with all related facilities at a very low price. The warm climate and excellent on-site facilities will allow you to enjoy outdoor living to the full.

For the second home buyer in Morocco, additional income can be generated from renting the property andproducing good yields especially in the high season. Many people find that expenses (even including mortgage payments) can be off-set for the entire year, purely due to profits from rentals generated during the high season months (June to September).

Morocco Property Hotspots

The most common searches for Moroccan property have been in the Mediterrania Saidia resort area. Other locations include property in and around Tetouan and Marina Smir and also Casablanca.

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