Crime And Police In Morocco

Morocco is still a poor country on the streets and you need to be aware of certain crimes that could occur to prevent becoming a victim. Below is some important information and advice relating to crime in Morocco.

For innocent visitors, Morocco is essentially a safe place to be. Because most Moroccans are very poor, watch out for pickpockets and general theft of belongings where you are staying and in public places.

Most criminals look for opportunities to steal by stealth rather than confrontation but there are always exceptions like street robberies which can occur at night either in isolated places areas less frequented by visitors.

Women walking alone in certain areas of major cities and rural areas are particularly vulnerable to harassment from men and are always advised not to travel alone.

Taxis and trains in Morocco are generally considered to be crime-free, but city buses are not considered so safe. As with most other countries it is best to avoid carrying large amounts of cash and to be particularly alert when using ATM machines.

Property Security

Theft is a problem on the street and in non-gated communities. If you purchase a property in a town or an independent building with land, it is important to have someone stay in the property if you are not there, particularly at night. You can hire a guardian for about 1,000 DH (€ 100) per month, but be certain this is someone you can trust.

If you buy in a new development, it will normally be located within a fully gated community, with 24 hour security, allowing you complete peace of mind.


Morocco is famous for the cultivation of hashish (kif) and export of hashish from the northern area of the country in the Rif Mountains.Beautiful Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains is in the heart of the hashish growing area and is famed for its King Hassan hash.

Be aware that all narcotics and cannabis products are illegal. Possession or smuggling can land you in a Moroccan prison for a long time so it's not worth it!

In most Moroccan markets (Medinas) you will be offered hashish. Be very careful as stories abound of people getting ripped-off or turned in to the police.

Respect three golden rules for a problem-free visit.

  • Do not get involved with drugs in Morocco
  • Keep common sense awareness of what happens around you
  • Respect the people and their customs
Prison conditions in Morocco are harsh although they have reportedly improved in recent years due to efforts by human rights movements. Nevertheless credible reports indicate that harsh treatment and conditions continue with state security prisoners being the most likely to be victimised.

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