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As part of the King’s Vision 2010 plan, Saidia is the first of several projects destined to launch Morocco into the realms of a premier tourist destination and property investment hotspot. Here investors have the opportunity to purchase right from the start. Here are some details on this exciting new revolution.

In July 2002, Morocco called a tender to select local and foreign partners to develop five seaside tourist resorts for a budget of $4.2 billion in a drive to attract 10 million foreign tourists by the year 2010. The Moroccan government has guaranteed it will provide the necessary infrastructure projects to connect the resort with the rest of the country and Europe.

A privately owned Spanish company has signed a $1.62 billion agreement with the government of Morocco to develop one of the tourist resorts on the country's Mediterranean coast. The resort is known as Mediterrania – Saidia - Maroc and is located along a 6 km stretch of coast in eastern Morocco between Algeria and Spain's Melilla and covers a 7,000,000m2 plot of land next to the sea. The resort will contain 8 hotels, 3 golf courses, a port, a medical centre and a huge commercial/shopping centre. Particular attention has been paid to maintain green spaces, one of the government’s high priorities.

Saidia is a coastal resort and is set to become one of Europe 's greatest tourist locations. The white sandy beaches are superb and the sea is crystal blue, with over 17 beach clubs in absolutely beautiful surroundings.

The city is lively and the locals area easy going with a good assortment of bars, restaurants and shops. The area is ideal for all types of water sports, with a lovely bay providing a safe place for bathing and sailing.

The marina covers an area of 290,000m2 with 740 berths and every imaginable facility. Berthing costs can be as little as £300 per year.

The 3 new golf courses are set in 2,000,000m2 of land and the King of Spain is known to play golf there. The typical cost of a round of golf is 40€.

The Mediterrania - Saidia resort will have 6 hotels, a luxury 5-star hotel, two 5-star hotels and three 4-star hotels with a massive capacity of 5,354. There are also 22 plots of land on which to develop tourist accommodation units and holiday villas, allowing an opportunity for 10,378 beds.

Foreign tourists are attracted by the traditional folk music festival every August.

The area is surrounded by a natural bird preserve of marsh and woodland, and access to the main beach is through a eucalyptus forest.
The weather in the coastal regions of Morocco is good virtually all year round and is very similar to the Costa del Sol with average summer temperatures of 35°C and winter temperatures as high as 22°C. The months between October and April are cooler while providing welcome winter sun.

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