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Remarkable 9 Year Rental Guarantee at Salama Valley 3, Morocco

Villas at Salama Valley 3 are considered by the International Property Investment Network (IPIN) to be one of the most promising investment opportunities in Morocco...   
10 July 2008

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The truth about mortgages in Morocco

So, you’ve done your research to include the whys and wherefores of property investment in various so-called emerging destinations of the world, and at last narrowed it down to Morocco. One of the most important considerations when deciding to invest abroad is money, how to raise it to purchase your dream property and how to repatriate it once your investment strategy has run its course...   
07 July 2008

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Tourism Projects Propel Morocco's Success

As Morocco’s national tourism strategy, Vision 2010, begins to unfold and a whole new set of infrastructure improvements comes into play, the future is looking brighter than ever in Morocco. Investors choosing luxury property within any of the six King’s Resort developments, backed by HRH King Mohammed VI himself, are buying into a rock-solid and fast-growing tourist market.   
27 February 2008

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Euro, Sterling, Dollar or Dirham in Morocco?

Global financial markets have seen a volatile start to 2008 amid fears of a looming global recession. Whilst much of the focus has been on equity markets, currency markets have also had a rocky start. Throughout the first half of 2007, Sterling was the darling of the market however, concerns of an economic slowdown in the UK coupled with expectations that the Bank of England will be forced to cut interest rates to stimulate demand have weighed heavily on the UK currency in recent months.   
05 February 2008

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The Superior Real Estate Group

A statement by the developer of the Oasis Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco.   
04 February 2008

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