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Investment property in Morocco provides investors with an outstanding opportunity to purchase luxury property at low prices in a market experiencing exceptional growth due to a massive government backed initiative.

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Research And Information

Research And Information

Take a look at why Morocco has become so popular with property investors. Here you can learn what is fueling the investment boom and view information that will allow you to understand how this will be sustained in the future.

Intelligent Property Investors are "Getting into Morocco Early" to Ensure their Investment has Maximum Time to Grow.

Welcome to the Investment section for Morocco and our page of information about the benefits of investment property in Morocco.

Why Invest in Morocco?

Investment property in Morocco is becoming increasingly popular with international property purchasers because it offers a unique investment opportunity with outstanding capital growth prospects in the region of 15- 30% (Homes Overseas Magazine 30%). This capital growth is expected to continue and a huge budget (7 – 10 billion euros) has been allocated to increase tourism by 10m visitors per year. With increased tourism comes huge demand for rental properties and good news for "Buy to Let" investment in Morocco.

Property investment in Morocco allows investors to follw both the "buy to let" investment strategy and also the "pure investment" strategy. The Morrocan property market is growing quickly as is its tourism trade creating huge requirements for rental accomodation which in turn opens the door for "buy to let" investors to generate solid rental yields. The open skies policy in effect from the 1st Jan 2006 will help increase tourism making it easier for low cost airlines to service destinations in Morocco and creating competition which brings down the cost of airfares

The investor looking purely for capital gains can potentially also use Morocco as an investment vehicle. With the value of property growing at 15% -30% per annum (30% Homes Overseas Magazine) based on last year figures its clear to see that Morocco property investment is far more interesting to a "pure" investor than almost all other current locations.

Natural factors

  • Beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Stunning Golf Courses, Tennis Clubs, Riding Clubs, Waterskiing, Sailing, Scuba diving, Hunting, Hiking, Camel treks, Culture.
  • Mediterranean climate - Hot summers and mild winters.
  • French, Spanish & English widely spoken as well as traditional Arabic.
  • Sight seeing - Costa del Sol is just 30 minutes away by hydrofoil from Tangiers.
  • Accessible (Tangiers) via helicopter, ferry, regular flights.
  • Experience Moorish culture at its best.

Economic Factors

  • Property prices 50% less than other European resorts.
  • Low cost of living - experience a luxury lifestyle at little expense.
  • Booming property market.
  • Between 0% and 20% tax on any capital gains.
  • 0% inheritance tax to family.
  • No annual property tax for first 5 years.
  • Rental occupancy reaching 85% most years during the Peak Season.
  • 70% mortgages available.
  • Huge project (Vision 2010) to improvethe infrastructure and increase tourism by 10 million visitors per year, including new roads, marinas, trains, 5 star resorts, shopping malls, beach clubs.
  • Increased tourism generated by the Vision 2010 project will create a huge requirement for rental accommodation.
  • Capital growth around 15% - 30% based on last year figures (30% Homes Overseas Magazine).
  • Open Skies policy activated on 1st Jan 2006 will allow low cost airlines to service Morocco and create competition lowering fares.
  • Yacht club & berth fees for under £27/month.
  • Safe investment – Notary supervised property registration similar to systems in France and Spain
  • Massive Dubai based developers Emaar have several projects at various stages of planning and completion.

Land for Development/Project Sourcing are pleased to offer clients a comprehensive source of information regarding the newest land investment deals available in Morocco at the birth of an emerging market, endeavouring to find you the hottest spots in Morocco before they become general knowledge.

Clients are also offered assistance in setting up joint ventures with our network of carefully vetted and reliable developers or partners. Due to a recent increase in worldwide property investment, constantly make contact with a growing number of large scale individual investors and investment consortiums who are always searching for the best investment options in Morocco.


Property investment in Morocco is currently a highly lucrative investment option in carefully selected locations. It is important to research the area in which you will buy, your tax and finance options and appoint a good lawyer.

Today Morocco is a progressive and safe country in which to invest. New government initiatives are successfully improving the infrastructure and tourist economy to create an exciting new emerging market which is only just beginning to be noticed by shrewd worldwide property investors.

As with all emerging property markets, it is essential to take advantage of the best prices available to early investors. Morocco property currently offers investors excellent prospects and a perfect early investment vehicle in which to generate good rental yields and excellent capital appreciation.

Further information and resources

Research and Information
Research and Information

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