Morocco Purchasing Procedure

Below is a general guide to the buying procedure for a Moroccan property purchase. The most important factor is to work with an established partner who can guide you through each step of the process and help make you aware of any potential pitfalls.

* Please note that this procedure may vary slightly from Developer to Developer - Please ask for specific development procedures

Appointing a Lawyer

It is wise to appoint a lawyer who is fluent in your language so you understand properly all the legalities and exactly what is happening. Our advisors will be able to recommend a good lawyer who can carry out the necessary checks on the property in Morocco and complete the legal requirements of the sale.

The Purchase

The standard procedure is similar to Spain. The buyer will open a Euro account with a bank in Morocco and will transfer Sterling or Euros to this account. The Euros will then be converted into Dirhams when paying the seller.

Almost all property we currently offer is off-plan and standard procedure is:

Reservation Fee

This is required immediately to reserve the unit(s) and freeze the price. The required reservation fee depends on unit, developer and development but typically is €3,000


After 30 days 30% of the cost of the property is due, this acts as a deposit and is all you are required to pay until completion of the property. 30% is common however various developers and developments require different deposit payment % and may require interim payments throughout the construction process, please ensure you fully understand the exactly what payment structure is in place before commiting to a property purchase in Morocco.


On completion the remaining 70% is payable. Some buyers will look to finance this sum with a mortgage. The balance of 70% may vary depending on the specific payment structure for the development.

Additional Costs

Property buyers in Morocco should expect to pay around 6.5% of the cost of the property. This amount is generated from lawyer fees, notary costs, registration etc.

* Land sales are subject to a charge of 1% to cover the notaries' fees


Mortgages are available in Morocco see our Morroco mortgages section. Basically buyers can borrow upto 70% over 15 years with an interest rate (Feb 06) of around 5.5%.

Mortgages can be arranged for your property purchase in Morocco, we reccomend visiting our Mortgages in Morocco page for more information.
alternatively you can e-mail:

Tax Liability

Understanding your Morroco tax responsibilities is essential when lookint o purchase a property in Morocco. You can click here to visit our Morroco property Tax section to find out more.

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