Morocco - Economic Factors

With a comparatively low cost of living and extensive government investment in the tourism market, the reasons for buying property in Morocco are compelling. The information below is a brief overview of what Morocco has to offer.

Mountains, coastline and desert, Morocco has much to offer the tourist. The rugged Atlas Mountains offer opportunities for hiking and mountain biking, while the coastline is bordered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Interesting towns and cultural diversity make the country exciting and fascinating place to visit.

Beautiful sandy beaches

With its long coastline, Morocco has many stunning sandy beaches. The highly publicised national development plan (Vision 2010) will create increased accessibility to allow tourists to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. The beaches on the Mediterranean coast offer warmer water, while the Atlantic coast is great for surfers.Stunning golf courses, tennis clubs, riding clubs, waterskiing, sailing, scuba diving, hunting, hiking, camel treks, culture.Stunning golf courses, tennis clubs, riding clubs, waterskiing, sailing, scuba diving, hunting, hiking, camel treks, culture.

Through the Vision 2010 project, Morocco is rapidly developing its leisure industry and allowing visitors to its 5 star resorts to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. An effort is being made to keep developments in harmony with the surroundings. A variety of sports and some more relaxed activities are on offer. The majority of these activities are based on the stunning natural beauty of Morocco to create memorable experiences.

As you would expect, being so close, the climate in Morocco mirrors that of Mediterranean countries and especially Southern Spain, which is only a few miles away. This means Morocco enjoys hot summers and mild winters with little rainfall, the climate here is perfect for holidays as it is very reliable and, well documented, that there are over 300 days of sunshine per year.

French, Spanish & English widely spoken, as well as traditional Arabic

Morocco is becoming more and more cosmopolitan with investors from all over the globe looking at investments in the area. One bonus for many buyers is that there is a good chance of their own language being spoken as French, Spanish and English all widely spoken in addition to Arabic.

Sight seeing

Morocco is home to many wonderful sights ranging from the Atlas Mountains to small villages and markets. The Cascades d’Ouzoud in the middle Atlas offer some amazing waterfalls and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Other people prefer the Souss Valley where goats climb trees to forage on the higher branches.

In addition to natural areas, Morocco has a wide variety of cultural and historical sites. There is a broad cultural diversity in the country and many peoples have left their mark – from the Carthaginians to the Berbers. Morocco is a large country and we recommend looking at our Morocco Guide Section to get a feel for the different areas.

Costa del Sol is just 30 minutes away by hydrofoil from Tangiers

The fact that Tangiers is just 30 minutes from the ultra popular Costa del Sol is seen as a big plus point, as communications to the Costa del Sol are already well developed with low cost airlines operating into many small and major airports alike. This proximity means that Morocco and some of the current developments are able to take advantage of the easy and cheap travel options offered by the Costa del Sol whilst the Vision 2010 project takes care of making travel directly to and from Morocco easier and cheaper. The handy hydrofoil from various points on the Costa del Sol makes travel to Morocco very swift and inexpensive. There are many ways of reaching Morocco from Europe. Many regular flights operate from European cities to various airports in Morocco but, as mentioned above, many Europeans still find it more convenient to travel directly to Malaga or Gibraltar and make the short hop to Tangiers by sea or air. The journey can be made by ferry, hydrofoil (above), regular connecting flights and even helicopter depending on budget and schedule.

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