Why Invest In Morocco Property?

There are good reasons for investing in property rather than the Stock Market. Here you can read about the advantages of investing in a stable country like Morocco.

No investment today offers the stability and simplicity coupled with the excellent return offered by investing in property. The stock market can offer high returns but it is a very volatile and dangerous place. This is especially true for the non-professional as there are many external factors that can effect your financial investment. In recent years major stock markets have generally been under-performing and property investment now stands heads and shoulders above other forms of investment.

Advantages of Investing in Property

Property is now the wise investor’s weapon of choice. No other investment allows you to purchase with other peoples’ money (the bank) and then pay this back with other peoples’ money (the rental income from tenants). If you own property you can release equity against this, although there is no law that states that your property will increase in value year on year, it is accepted that a well maintained property in a reasonable area will appreciate in value.

  • 50% of individuals mentioned on “The Times Rich List” made their money through investing in property.
  • A property worth just €4,000 30 years ago would be today worth around €225,000.
  • Equities or Stocks can be volatile, as with the .com crash. Property however is historically stable.

Buying specifically for investment allows you to remove the emotion you’re your purchase and look at the property as an investment vehicle. This might mean utilizing a re-assignable contract option and selling at a substantial profit prior to completion or taking the buy-to-let situation and generating a reliable rental income as well as substantial capital appreciation.

Why Invest In property in Morocco?

Morocco is a currently a unique location for property investors and offers the opportunity to purchase property early in an emerging market at prices very favourable to most other destinations.

What is unique about the property market in Morocco is the sense of security for investors: with tourism already improving at a fast rate and buy-to-let investors reporting 85% occupancy rates during the high season, Morocco offers a safe arena in which to purchase property.

The Moroccan King Mohammed VI and the UAE have allocated huge investment to drastically increasing tourism further, with a goal of 10 million per year by 2010. This investment along with the creation of several tax advantages also helps investors to feel comfortable in investing in property in Morocco.

Reasons Why Morocco Is An Intelligent Property Investment Location

  • Huge project (Vision 2010) to increase tourism backed by King Mohammed and the UAE. The aims are to improve infrastructure and increase tourism by 10m visitors per year.
  • Increased tourism generated by the Vision 2010 project will create huge requirement for rental accommodation.
  • New roads, marinas, trains, 5 star resorts, shopping malls, beach clubs to be developed through Vision 2010 project.
  • Safe investment – notary supervised property registration similar to France and Spain
  • Morocco is a free market economy and allows free movement of money.
  • Stunning golf courses, tennis clubs, riding clubs, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, hunting, hiking, camel treks, culture
  • Mediterranean climate – hot, dry summers and mild winters
  • French, Spanish & English widely spoken as well as traditional Arabic
  • Site Seeing – from bustling Medinas and ancient cities to snow capped mountains or golden beaches
  • Easily accessible (Tangiers) via helicopter, ferry, fast train or regular budget flights.
  • “Open Skies” policy activated on 1st Jan 2006 will allow low cost airlines to service Morocco and create competition, which will lower fares.
  • Costa del Sol is just 30 minutes away by hydrofoil from Tangiers
  • Experience Moorish culture at its best
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