Advantages of Moroccan property investment highlighted
By James Roberts

Advantages of Moroccan property investment highlighted

The Moroccan city of Tangier presents various opportunities for property investment, it has been claimed.

Immobiliertanger, a real estate agency based in the country, has highlighted some of the advantages to making a purchase in the Moroccan housing sector.

Tourism in Tangier is continuing to grow, the company pointed out - and investors "would most likely enjoy remarkable future growth" due to this burgeoning trade.

Villas are a particularly good investment, according to the firm, as they have the potential to deliver high returns and apartments with sea views present an alternative, but no less lucrative, opportunity.

Among the attractions that draw travellers to Tangier every year are historical buildings and bustling medina. Petit Socco Square and Grand Socco Square are some of the must-visit places in the city's old town, the Moroccan tourist board advises.

Meanwhile, its Hafa Cafe is a favourite spot to spend an afternoon, with its views across the Strait of Gibraltar.

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