Moroccan tourism boosts investment potential
By James Roberts

Moroccan tourism boosts investment potential

Efforts to boost tourism in Morocco could potentially make it more appealing to property investors, analysts have suggested.

According to NuWireInvestor, the government wants to stimulate further economic growth by attracting more visitors to the north African country.

The website believes this could be a positive development for overseas property investors, as it could also lead to growth in the housing market.

NuWireInvestor commented: "Plans to create more jobs and increase tourism by 2010 are likely to boost Moroccan economy and the property market in the next two years."

This, it continued, means that Morocco could be a good location for overseas property investors to consider.

Prospective buyers were encouraged to buy a property in the country before the market "peaks".

This comes after the Foreign Property Buyer website said that the government's plan to increase the number of visitors to Morocco over the next two years "bodes well" for its rental market.

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