Morocco 'a good choice' for property investment
By Steve Binge

Morocco 'a good choice' for property investment

Buying real estate in Morocco is a good option for anyone who is keen to invest in property markets outside Europe.

According to Nik Kapur, director of M2Morocco, the country is the most attractive destination for investors in north Africa, as it has not witnessed any political upheaval, unlike Egypt and Tunisia.

He noted the nation is appealing because of its proximity to Europe and its economic strength.

"The economy there is still showing year-on-year growth and the safe buying process also makes it a good destination for investment," Mr Kapur asserted.

Properties at the bottom and middle end of the market are the most popular at present, while there is an oversupply of high-end assets, he added.

The most recent Knight Frank Global House Price Index revealed the value of homes in Morocco increased by 2.9 per cent between the final quarter of 2011 and the same period a year earlier.

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