Outdoor Activities 'Can be Enjoyed in Morocco'
By James Roberts

Outdoor Activities 'Can be Enjoyed in Morocco'

Morocco could be a good destination for people who want to enjoy outdoor activities, a media outlet has suggested.

Ukrainian newspaper the Kyiv Post said that its good weather was conducive to pastimes such as shopping in the country's markets.

However, the publication also highlighted a number of more exotic and active pursuits, such as desert driving over "sugar-soft" sand dunes.

The Kyiv Post commented: "The weather is tourist-friendly pretty much all year round."

Prospective visitors were also told that Morocco's mountains were worth visiting between December and March, as this was the main skiing season.

For the rest of the year, it said the mountains were good for trekkers as the snow would have thawed by this time.

Further leisure activities on offer in Morocco were also highlighted today by the Times, which said visitors could go on desert walks, safaris and camel treks.

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